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Clément Beaubert
by clementb on 4 Nov 2021

Mecha design made for a short film project

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Here are some vehicle / mecha concept design for a short film project. It was based on WW1 military vehicle. The pitch was to present a uchronical military technology, those mechs would be driven by french army from WW1, going through field and country side, walking in the fog. 

Below you can see the final desgin with technical sheets and my process going from rough sketch to rendered model. 

This is the final design, made in graivity sketch and rendered in octane, then some overpainting in photoshop.

All the modeling was made in VR it's a great tool for design and fast experiments, specially gravity sketch for hardsurface pieces.

You can see a previous version with a cockpit, it was changed because it didn't match the really boxy, massive military shape of the WW1 vechicles. 

Here are the sketch process. Before jumping into 3D I take time to gather refrences and to draw some really basic sketch. It's a quick but important step that allows me to try different possibilities, different proportions. 

From this I continue in refining the idea by painting more shapes selected from the first sketch batch. 

And then I develop a few proposals in digital painting. After this point I'll go in 3D for more detail and precision. 

Thanks for taking time to look at my work :)

You can see more on my artstation and my instagram

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