Solent Uni Unit One: Modeling Project

Solent Uni Unit One: Modeling Project

William Howard
by Frei on 4 Nov 2021

The first unit of my Uni VFX course in Solent, showcasing skills in 3D workflow; modeling, UV mapping, texturing, lighting, rendering.

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Uni Modeling Project 

This was my first assignment for Solent Uni VFX Course, the task was to create between 4-6 models in any program and to showcase our skills in Modeling and topology, UV Mapping, Texturing, Lighting and Rendering whilst also showcasing our knowledge of different render passes, more specifically Ambient Occlusion. This was a fun project and a new learning experience, I had prior experience in modelling as Blender user, this project was the first time I have used 3ds Max and it is a learning curve for me switching to another program but I still found it enjoyable, I am looking forward to my next project, which is animation.

The Smoke simulations were done in both 3ds Max and Blender. I used Phoenix FD to create the smoke for the phone and knife models and Mantaflow in Blender for the rest, I love simulations and even though they can be a pain through all the trial and error , they are something I want to continue learning and experimenting with in the future.

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