Old dude...

Old dude...

Sonja Gelevajčuk
by soki on 27 Oct 2021

A personal project I've been working on. Practicing some stylized looks and experimenting. It was fun working on the skin texture :) "Name: Unknown. Occupation: Slaying monsters...and some shady people...when he's not busy with his money schemes and drinking. Known as: Some old dude..."

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A personal project I’ve been working on, in my spare time.
Practicing some stylized looks.

The model ( for this old champ ) was done in ZBrush and retopology in 3Ds Max. The texturing process was done in Substance Painter. Marmoset Toolbag was used for final renders.

The model is retopologized and optimized. You can check it out in full 3D experience on Sketchfab. Along with Diffuse, Normal, Roughness and AO maps.

UV island/Texture maps, resolution 2048x2048. I used an emissive map, for faking a subtle sub-surface scattering effect.

Wireframe of the Low Poly mesh. Along with the High Poly sculpt, done in ZBrush.

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