Legend of Aji Saka

Legend of Aji Saka

Af Idaht
by afidaht on 27 Oct 2021

A character design project for college assignment

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Legend Of Aji Saka are series of character design I made based on the legend of Aji Saka(boom). It was a college assignment, and I thought it looked quite nice. Actually, this project are already done since last year, but being the idiot I am I only thought of uploading it here now.

This project contained the character design for the protagonist, two of the protagonist's underlings, and the antagonist. There's a text that explains the story but it's in Indonesian, so for anyone who don't understand Indonesian, sorry.

Anywho, enjoy~

I know, I know, there's a muscly bearded man called Dora here. I can't change legend okay?

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