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BuZz Cut Project

BuZz Cut Project

by miloboot on 23 Oct 2021

BuZz Cut Project - made with #xgen #maya #zbrush

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I stared this project because I saw several men walking around with buzzcuts who painted there hair like fire, panther print, etc.  I thought it would be pretty funny and kinda cool if someone had like the nightwatch from Rembrandt painted on the back of their head. So I sculpted the head in Zbrush, added the details with alphas, painted the textures in substance painter and did the lookdev and grooming in Xgen and Maya. 

These where the five renders i eventually chose to post on my instagram :

process from zbrush to texturing to lookdev to grooming

All the test renders I made throughout the process, some worked and some didn't make the cut. 

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