Bleak Basalt

Bleak Basalt

karthik vijayan
by 3dAlchemist on 16 Oct 2021

This was a fun project that i did long before. when i've started this concept, i don't have any specific ideation in my mind. i've started this as a different one and that ended up like this beauty.

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This concept was designed long ago and i've refined it recently. 

Let's get into the process.

This is the base concept i've did few months back and got up with some other work. i've decided to finish it now.

So the process is pretty simple that most of you guys know. i created a concept sketch and sculpted the details as usual in zbrush.

And again, most of you guys knew the technique i'm gonna talk about. the horn part is little complicated to sculpt the details. so i've created the horn by Spiral3d Primitive in zbrush. Then i tweak some settings and placed it in the position.

Then i created polygroups for seperating the details that i'm gonna sculpt.

And then i've created some uv's respectively to polygroups and then i subdivided the mesh to add details. Then i've used morph uv mode to sculpt the details directly in to the mesh without affecting the flow. but however it will leave some artifact at the edges of the polygroup. we don't need to worry about it now, we can fix it later.

We can manually sculpt where the flow was broken.

After some tweakings and adding details in the model. i've started to polypaint it in zbrush and finished it by posing.

Then i bring this model into maverick render engine and took some render passes to composite in photoshop.

I've shared the final output below

And the main thing is i've finished this concept in a day. i kept a time limit to finish this concept to push my limits. that's the purpose of this project. atleast for me. it was quite challenging and fun to finish this concept in a day. Hope y'all like it.

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