Daria Volochai
by dariavolochai on 11 Oct 2021

Process of creating concept art of a Hawkwomen daughter and vehicle for her

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The daughter of the hawk girl Kendra Saunder is a demigoddess named Meirav. Her mother has lived in the universe for many thousands of years and raised her daughter according to strict traditions and rules. Meirav ran away from her mother when she was 12, she could no longer bear the responsibility and hopes that her mother placed on her.
The daughter is very closed, it is difficult to understand what is her value, but she will forever remain the one who did not live up to her mother's expectations. She lives in the world of the future: robots, flying cars, incredible medicine, cyborgs, and corporations that rule the world. Unfortunately, Meirav works for a corporation. Despite her young age, she easily follows all orders like a faithful dog.


The final version of a vehicle

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