Red Dragon

Red Dragon

Mikele Mahchi Saba
by MikeleMahchi on 9 Oct 2021

This is my take on a common dragon, I wanted to show as much of my process as possible while doing one of my favorite creatures. The dragon was sculpted in Zbrush, the retopology and UV mapping in Maya, textured in Zbrush using polypaint and then rendered it in Maya using Arnold.

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This is a dragon 3D model and concept

First I sculpted in Zbrush trying to define the proportions and the main shape that the dragon would have.

Then I sent it into Maya to do a manual retopology so that it would be of the highest quality

then I did the UV mapping, since this was a personal project and I wanted to achieve the best quality of detail as possible I decided to work with multiple UDIMs without taking to much care of possible performance.

Then I exported the OBJ back into Zbrush and started to sculpt all the details I wanted it to have. I used multiple alphas and VDMs the I had made to do the scales and the rough skin texture.

Then I baked a displacement map from the high poly detailed dragon and sent it back into Maya to see how the displacement map worked.

I decided to paint the dragon inside Zbrush using the polypaint feature and using its masks to highlight the scales and the detail. Then I exported the texture inside Maya to see how it was looking.

then I modified the pose in Zbrush, sculpted the eyes and added megascans from Quixel to enhance the scenery. I then added and HDRI and a couple of lights to finish the scene. Then I rendered it in Maya using Arnold.

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