Foundation Final Project

Foundation Final Project

Wim Lesy
by Wamborf on 6 Oct 2021

This is my Final Project submission for the Think Tank Foundation Term. Any form of feedback is always more than welcome.

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First of all, thanks a milion to Matthew Dicken for being an awesome mentor. I couldn't wish for better teachers than the ones who are teaching us here at Think Tank.

Here is my submission for the Foundation Term Final Project.
My goal is to become a texture artist for props and environments for film, so I layed my focus there. Most of my time went to creating a texture with a balance between real-time and stylized that makes sense.

I am very happy with the result and especially the journey to get there. This is my very first time making and rendering a CG image throughout multiple workflows within a multitude of levels of the pipeline, it was a hell of a ride, but a very nice ride.

Please find the original concept by Serge Da Silva Dias here.

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