Dark Souls Style Concept Art

Dark Souls Style Concept Art

Robert Drysdale
by robertdrysdale on 28 Sep 2021

This is some concept art work for a project that me and some friends are working on. We are currently developing the lore and setting of the world, so I decided to do some concept art to help get an idea for what it could look like.

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I used Photoshop to paint over the render from UE5 to add certain details like the motion from the explosion and some heat distortion. I used Unreal's movie render queue to get the final render.

I used Nanite and Lumen in ue5, along with, Quixel Megascans, some kit bashed Paragon assets (such as the explosion and the angel), TalkingDrums' Gothic Night, Velarion's Matte Painting Skybox Pack II, GameAssetFactory's Medieval Castle Modular Vol 1. All the asset packs can be found on the Unreal Market place.

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