Ancient Planet 2

Ancient Planet 2

Robert Drysdale
by robertdrysdale on 28 Sep 2021

Inspired by No Man's Sky's environments, I recreated my old personal project, Ancient Planet, to practice composition, lighting and atmospherics.

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- Sunset -

- Midday -

Lighting Complexity View

The lighting is set to moveable, allowing a dynamic day night cycle. Colour grading done in ue5, using lumen for reflections and global illumination. I used some packs for the assets such as the Rural Australia pack for the rocks, Starsphere for the planet, Megascans for the grass (Turned pink/red in the shader) and Dead Hills landscape for the terrain. I created the Tunnel/Window frame in Maya and the planet ring in photoshop with a custom material for adding it into ue5. I'm hoping to continue with some more lighting scenarios soon!

Packs used:

Rural Australia:

Star Sphere:

Dead Hills:

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