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 Oh Pumpkins!

Oh Pumpkins!

by Lyadrielle on 28 Sep 2021

My first 3D Diorama project - Oct to Nov 2020

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" Care to join me for a little fright seeing? "
- Tales from the Crypt

I finished this first project for School in the span of two months, on and off. The theme was imposed by our teacher, for the Halloween period.
The main objective was to get first-hand experience on sculpting, retopology, bake, texture, light, and render a scene. I personally added Blender in my workflow for its ease of use concerning retopology.

As a long-time fan of tabletop gaming and horror, I felt the need to try and sculpt a Pumpkin Mimic and its unfortunate victims.

Thank you, Manu, for your help and feedbacks throughout the whole process!

I learned quite a lot.

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