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Krys Valence
by krys on 26 Sep 2021


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Update - 26 Sep 2021


Shego (Costume Design of a existing character from Kim Possible)

Concept Art of a Botanist and her lovely creature

Character Design of a Mystical mage with smoking hands power

Beach Racer (Character Design) Pilot and Copilot (With Variations and Turn Around)

Design of a Cyborg Band (Made using Photobashing)

Magical Girl Project - Main Character (Turn Around and Color Swap)

Demon Hunter - Character and Props design (With Color Swap)

Creature of Frankenstein (Redesign)

Some Character Design (Redesign of Faye Valentine in a Comic Style) (Design of an Investigator in Cartoon Style)

Characters made for a Mobile Game : VALKYRIDLE (Group Project)

Beach Racer - Race Circuit

Cindris - Volcanic place

Elwein - Swamp and Ruined place

Swordtember Prompts (Golden) (Caustic) (Whimsical) (Sand) (Ornate) (Tangle) (Glacial)

My main project : Artefact

Divers : 3D Crow Axe / Isometric view of a Room

Thank for your attention !

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