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Black Rune Chronicles
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Black Rune Chronicles

Guillem Villegas
by vartc on 26 Sep 2021

Personal project about designing the concept art of a medieval fantasy world

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Update - 26 Sep 2021

Black Rune Chronicles

This is a project I'm developing on my free time. I want to design the concept art of a medieval fantasy world (environments, characters, buildings, props, etc)

First environment exterior. Exploring the idea of an ancient ruins and a scout discovering something it's happening.

The witch. 

First character I designed for the project. This witch lives in the forest near the town. She loves nature and life. Her role is as an herbolist and advisor for the people in the near town. She has a deep bound with the forest and nature and is capable of handle and control the element of earth and roots of the forest and summon feeric creatures with her rod.

The Foreigner

Another Main Character I designed for the project. He's a stranger that travels around the world, exploring and working  as an independent mercenary, hunting hostile creatures, etc. Altough he works as a mercenary he has a strong moral and is very carefully choosing the job he's going to do. He likes helping people and has a passion for the unknown and love to explore and discover strange and new places and things.

Buildings design

Props design

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