by JuliaYu on 21 Sep 2021

This is an OC I have made. I hope you like it as much as I loved doing it.

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This is a Character I have made. She is a Bounty Hunter and wants to dispense justice around the world. She shyly has a kind heart and wants to make a better world for her dearest friends and humanity. 

First of all I have decided to make her with free hair to denote freedom as she moves herself for her owns goals and not for the money. She uses a patch because she has two personalities, one is strong while the other is kind and warm but she doesn't want to show it because it is similar to weakness and is easier for her to act like it doesn't exist with that patch. 

About personality she is explosive and I wanted to represent that with her emerald eyes and coral hair but also I wanted to give her elegance because she represents herself as a heroe so that is why I used black color for her coat and calm tones for the rest of the clothes. 

She does not hide how she reacts about how she feels but she doesn't like to show weakness so it is hard to see her sad or hesitating. 

I named her Ruby because she hides a lot of things and instead of calling her Emerald because of her eyes I decided to use another gem. 

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