Syon Park Conservatory

Syon Park Conservatory

by Obiedazkar11 on 19 Sep 2021

Syon Park conservatory in 2020 Lockdown and a 3 year anniversary.

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For this scene I created the aftermath of the Syon Park Conservatory wedding venue during the pandemic...and inside a couple decides to break the rules and celebrate their anniversary.

This is one of the first images Arch-vis images I've created.

The visuals for this image were admittedly not what I had wanted, I think my artistic hand created more of a painting rather than a photo-realistic image (what I was going for), the structure is SketchUp + Vray and most of the image was created in Photoshop. Nonetheless, this is documentation of my journey into arch-vis and CGI and I hope to recreate this image 1 year from now after my masters.

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