Harry Potter Potions Class

Harry Potter Potions Class

by TomWillcox on 14 Sep 2021

This is the final piece I wanted to create for my Potions Classroom project. I wanted to really emphasise the dark and gloomy atmosphere of the classroom. All the props and materials in the scene were made by me

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This was my final year portfolio project at Staffordshire University while studying Games Design. This scene is based on the potion’s classroom found in The Half Blood Prince. The most important aspect of this scene was to recreate the right atmosphere; dim and gloomy, all while light tries to fight through the darkness. I wanted every detail to be authentic and true to its origins. Every prop was modelled and textured. The floor, walls and pillar materials were all authored in Substance Designer.

With lots of repeating props it was important to reduce repetition where possible. For the glass bottles three sheets of nine different labels were created in Photoshop. The gold leaf borders around the edge of the room were all made in Photoshop, replicating the words found in the film scene where possible, all share UV space for optimisation.

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