Our magical home

Our magical home

by kaldrin on 14 Sep 2021

I always wanted to illustrate the styles, architectures, places of my mind, to use the textures, shapes, objects that are meaningful to me. So for my girlfriend's birthday, I decided to make a big art project, redesign her little flat with my style, my objects, my ornaments, my inspirations. I'm proud of it!

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I took textures from the web, or from photos I took of my village, some I painted them, and assembled the flat in Blender before overpainting the final shots. I know they're a little too saturated in the end but it wasn't even on purpose, I guess I'm just going for cheerful colorful vibes.

This could definitely fit Kaélis' aesthetic if we removed all the modern equipment.

Pre-overpaint shots

I designed a few of the objects before modeling them. They didn't all make it in to the final pieces.

Various WIP shots

Various textures I made for the 3D

My huge PureRef board for this project x)

I think it total I spent maybe 100h between Blender and Paint Tool SAI to make these shots happen ^^;~100h, Paint Tool SAI, Blender

Thanks for checking my project!

Don't hesitate to tell me what you think about it ;)

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