Personal LookDev Rig

Personal LookDev Rig

by bs3d on 10 Sep 2021

This Is A LookDev Rig I've Been Working On For A Couple Months. I Set Out To Learn As Much As I Could About The LookDev Process To Implement It Into This Rig And I Have A Lot Of New Found Knowledge To Share. I'll Be Posting A Several Part Blog Detailing Each Area Of Information I Studied And Practiced On My Artstation.

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LookDev Test HDRIBL Uncalibrated #1

The Four Balls Are There So We Can Sample Direct Diffuse Luminance Values From Them To Test Whether The Lighting Makes The Balls As Bright As Their Texture Color, This Is Key For Calibrating HDRIBLs To Neutral Lighting

LookDev Test HDRIBL Uncalibrated #2

The Two Color Charts Are There To Test The Color Contamination Of The HDRIBLs, The Bottom One Is A Flat Shaded One, Meaning The Lighting Doesn't Effect It, While The Top One Is A Regularly Shaded One.

LookDev Test HDRIBL Uncalibrated #3

The Last Object At The Bottom Is There To Show Us The Texture Of The HDRIBL So We Can See Which One Is Being Used For Lighting If We Were To Make The Background A Solid Color.

LookDev Test HDRIBL Uncalibrated #4

You Need Multiple HDRIBLs For This Method Of Shader Testing To Be Useful, You Need To Be Able To Observe The Way The Shader Changes In Certain Lighting Environments To Understand The Flaws Of Your Shading And Fix Them.

LookDev Test HDRIBL Uncalibrated #5

You Shouldn't Be Using Uncalibrated HDRIBLs To Actually Do LookDev By The Way, These Are Just Here To Test What The Object With Its Shaders Would Look Like In Different Real World Environments.

LookDev Test HDRIBL Uncalibrated #6

These Are All Examples Of Uncalibrated HDRIBLs Used For Visualizing Shaders In Real World Environments With Realistic Exposure Values. Having Uncalibrated HDRIBLs Is Important For Testing Your Shaders In Real Lighting.

This Is One Of The Three Types Of Setups I Have In This Rig, It's A Prop LookDev Rig With Lights Set To Aim At A Locator Placed On The Object I'm LookDeving. The Original Rig:

This Is The Last Types Of LookDev Setup I Have In My Rig. It's A Studio Setup I Adapted From Cave Academy, The Original Can Be Bought On Their Website. It's The Same As The Prop Setup, Except This One Is Larger With More Objects. This All Adds Realism.

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