My first ever project

My first ever project

Kristin Nikolaeva Naydenova
by kristinnay on 9 Sep 2021

(Y1/Block A) This post is here for sentimental reasons rather than showing skill in any way. It was my first ever project - a product of a lot of stress, sleepless nights and googling by a person, who had no idea what they were getting into.

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This was my first ever project related to my program at BUAS (2018).

For two months we had to breakdown an optical illusion and recreate it in 3D space. The task was not only to "copy" the illusion, but to also structure our piece in a believable way - in other words, there had to be some sort of logic behind it. 

We did get tossed into the deep right away with this assignment. We had to figure out what Maya was, how did it work and the biggest nightmare of all - the UVs. We also had to set the illusion camera with the proper focal length. We were not allowed to use any texturing software (not that we knew what those were), so everything had to be manually textured in Photoshop and then tested in Unreal Engine, which was also a new term for most of us (workwise). 

To sum it up - those were two very stressful months for me, but it really gave me that strong start in my education and professional development. 

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