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Sleepy Bubbles - a 3D Illustration

Sleepy Bubbles - a 3D Illustration

Sasha Kuznetsova
by kxznetsova on 8 Sep 2021

Sleepy Bubbles was originally a watercolour piece I did back in March 2020, in the first week of isolation. I have decided to recreate it in 3D to see how much my skills in sculpting have developed. This piece is entirely made Zbrush, in order to better my skills in using that software.

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Sleepy Bubbles

This personal project is a recreation of a watercolour piece I did back in March 2020 (shown below), in the first week of isolation. Everybody was in their own bubble due to everyones' lives changing so suddenly, and I felt inspired to paint something that reminded me of the strange time people were going through.

The aim of this project more than anything was to practice my skills in sculpting and learn more about Zbrush, as I have been thoroughly enjoying using it as a software. It has been a great learning experience for me!

Here are the beginning stages of the sculpt.

Next I added some colour to the sculpted and altered the hair, and fixed some proportions.

After I was done, I had moved on to sculpting the cat.

Once the sculpt was done, I added the bubbles into the piece. To give them their appearance, I assigned a chromatic material tinted with a blue colour, and then enabled transparency on them as subtools.

I decided to keep them blue, as it matches my painting.

Finished render - Front view

Finished Render - 3/4 View


This project has taught me a lot about proportions, composition and rendering. I had a lot of fun learning how to seamlessly sculpt fur, how to create transparent objects, and how to make changes in my sculpt without deteriorating its' quality.


I think that I should still practice posing characters, and there is a lot I can do to discover my personal style. I want to make my characters look less stiff, and that will come with more practice.

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