The nameless Hitman

The nameless Hitman

Jaydo de Ruijter
by Jaydokii on 7 Sep 2021

An 8 week project I worked on last year. Creating a game ready character.

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This is a project I've been working on last school year, during Block A. We only had 8 weeks to get this done. The project was focused on character art and getting used to the pipelines. We had to choose a concept of Pinterest and give it a slight twist. For me, this was my opportunity to finish a fully real-time, game-ready character, using Uncharted 4 as a style reference. Diving into the pipeline of creating more triple A-like characters.

My focus during this project/my goals during this project;

-Focusing on anatomy and proportions, a realistic feel to the character

-Focusing on getting used to new more Triple A-like pipelines

-Creating hair cards for the first time and placing them within Maya (Using XGen and baking within Xnormal)

-Creating believable textures for clothing and skin (Getting used to building up skin by hand painting and using XYZ photo projection within Mudbox)

-Creating a more detailed sculpt to give the character more of a realistic feel

-Using Marvelous designer for clothing detail

-Using UE4 to create shaders, a lighting scene and render some shots for the first time

Overall, getting myself used to character creation of a higher quality

I had a lot of fun doing this project. It helped me improve a lot on my character art and feel confident to continue pursuing my dream of working on characters in the industry. I will keep working on my skills and improve! c:

Credits concept - Gi Teak Seo

Special credits to my Mentor - Vlad Cenusa

(I'm currently reworking this project for a collab I'm doing with my best friend Keelan Maclear. More about it soon!)

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