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Faith Jones
by thewarphole on 6 Sep 2021

Progress in Weekly Lighthouse drill. This lighthouse keeper destroys spaceships with asteroids controlled by mechanisms within the structure of the lighthouse. Sells the parts at junkyards. #RookiesWeeklyDrills #LightHouse

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Update - 14 Sep 2021

Experimented with a nebula generator and changed the stars from black to white.

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Update - 9 Sep 2021

New Viewport render with added spaceship and debris on base asteroid.

Update - 9 Sep 2021

Here's a screenshot of the new scene with added wreckage on the main asteroid and shows the new spaceship in the background.

Update - 9 Sep 2021

Cute little low poly background ship. This little un' is in the background of the shot being lured by the ominous lighthouse.

Update - 9 Sep 2021

A quick turnaround.

Update - 8 Sep 2021

Ominous lighthouse ready to lure in ships... Rendered and modelled in Blender. 

Update - 8 Sep 2021

Concept Art piece. I thought that the Lighthouse would be owned by an evil lighthouse keeper that lured ships in and salvaged the wreckage. Sold the parts at various junk markets.

The asteroids are chained to the lighthouse and base asteroid with machinery and various mechanisms.

Various concept spaceship designs. Reference: Etherington Brothers  

Update - 6 Sep 2021

Initial concept art, inspired by a Lighthouse scene in Futurama.