Great Duke of Hell's Goblet (Astaroth)

Great Duke of Hell's Goblet (Astaroth)

Dakota James Atwood
by buhhkoats on 3 Sep 2021

The great duke of hell, astaroth's, personal demonic goblet.

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Astaroth's Goblet

UV map, materials, Low poly

High Poly sculpt

First part of a 3 piece scene including this Goblet, a Throne, and The demon Astaroth. Wanted to make this feel very demonic so I used a lot of research from demonic and satanic symbols (modern and old) including Baphomet, Alchemic symbol for Brimstone as well as the summoning Sigil for the Great Duke Astaroth. This was pretty fun to sculpt as well as to research so I decided to take it all the way and low poly/texture it as well as create an entire scene for it. The Low poly is about 5k as I didn't want to lose too much detail from the sculpt and figured it could be a viewable item in an inventory (more of a hero Prop) The Goblet was Sculpted in Zbrush, Low poly and UV in Maya, and textured/Rendered in Substance painter. Created using one UDIM Tile (1 material for unreal) could have been pulled off on about half of a tile but since there is nothing to fill the rest of the tile I just blew it up to fill the UDIM. It's game ready and was textured using PBR workflow. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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