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Beyond Skyrim: Elsweyr - Rock eater creature

Beyond Skyrim: Elsweyr - Rock eater creature

Andrea Su
by ashercypress on 4 Sep 2021

A creature I modeled and textured for the BS: Elsweyr team, also known in-game as "Kethba-ritoiit". Created after the 2d concept made by Mx. Dudych [] Terrain plot is from megascans

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Final render in UE4, with a small ground from megascans

Another high-resolution render without the ground

Other angles

Wireframe and clay renders

Texture maps. The UVs were optimized for a single texture set

High poly sculpture

This turtle-like critter, known by the khajiit, the people of Elsweyr as "Kethba-ritoiit" which means "Rock eater" uses its beak to eat the moss and plants that live attached to stone and rocks. Its thick skin and plaques are very hard and serve as protection. However, its eyes are vestigial, it cannot see.

On top of its back and head moss, grass and lichen grow. As the creature gets older, the lichen and plants cover it more and more, the kethba-ritoiit is truly, almost a living rock

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