Blue of the Roaming Greed.

Blue of the Roaming Greed.

by Wierchum on 2 Sep 2021

This is my first attempt at 3D Character Modelling on ZBrush as part of a tertiary education assessment project. The character itself is not rigged for animation and is, from my perspective and likely yours as well, incomplete. However this is the final outcome for the project itself.

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This is my very first attempt at using Pixologic ZBrush to model a character. This is a 3D model of my Dungeons and Dragons character Blue, created as part of an assessment project at JMC Academy. Due to underestimating the level of detail for an organic character model and overestimating my capabilities as a first timer, this is my final submission and took approximately greater than 30hrs to do. With this experience, I'll only improve.
I also found out the hard way that ZBrush as a mirror tool, long after doing the limbs individually....

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