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Robotland Env

Nicolas Trujillo Llano
by nico7rujillo on 30 Aug 2021

I wanted to sharpen up my env art skills and make an environment for my portfolio, come with me in this journey

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Update - 30 Aug 2021

Robot land Environment, is a project I'm doing to sharpen up my environment artist skills  by doing everything inside the scene, so yeah...I hope by the end I get a result I like and a lot of knowledge.

I'll keep you updated

Refs and Refs

Even tho the concept is nice, we really need some refs for the looks of our project, so I got my hands dirty with pure ref and started searching some refs.

I update the refs daily as I need inspiration when doing some of the things, so I'll be adding more and more with time

The main ref is an artwork called Robotland, by the talented Sephiroth Art 


It's true the blockout will definetely save us tiume in the future, cause it helps tons when getting the proportionns good, the overall shape of stuff, and some base meshes for the nest steps. So what better way of starting than with a good blockout scene.

I tried to make it look as nice as possible, while keep in it simple, the only shape that has to do some redone is the robot head


I started with the trees, cause in the last project the tree I made was a mess so I really wanted to make up for that...

I watched a bunch of people I admire work on trees, and learn from them, then started modelling in blender

Trees sculpting

When I got the base shapes right, I exported the trees in the same fbx (to keep it organized) to work in zbrush, I really wish I would've done a time lapse but I don't know why the hell I didn't thought of that in that moment. next time I will.

But...hear me out, I actually recorded a lot of my screen while doing it, later down the road I'll edit the video and add it.

Trees UV's and texturing

Once I finished sculpting I used

 the Zremesher to get the trees to a common sense level of polys, I said 6k was good for this and exported the Low poly and High poly meshes. 

After that I imported the file in blender again to start doing the uv's of the trees.

I used a 4k texel density cause, I wanted to get all three trees  (no pun intended) in the same texture, So When working in unreal it wouldn't give me another drawcall, not that it matters for this project...but better get some good habits.

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