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The Mysfyts (The Misfits)
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The Mysfyts (The Misfits)

by CShanks on 30 Aug 2021

'The Mysfyts' - 2D character designs

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Update - 30 Aug 2021

The Mysfyts

'The Mysfyts' - Designs for 2D character

The group also know as 'The Mysfysts' are well known for being mischievous causing trouble wherever they go but are also a crime fighting group where they move from town to town beating evil doers. The group consists of these characters:

Michael - The leader of the group, who tend to be the one that gets them in to trouble has the power to control and create his own fire his power comes from a greater devil and the scar on his face is from when he was given the power.

Sunnie - A exiled princess, who is a part of 'The Mysfyts', kicked out of her kingdom for not being able to use her powers properly later meets Michael and Ace who teach her how to use them ends up becoming so strong using them even Michael is afraid of her.

Ace - He grew up in the slums learning how to fight and survive to protect himself joins 'The Mysfyts' as they are now his family, he also tends to argue a lot with Michael and thinks of him as a rival.

Wo bear - The teddy bear of the group given tp Sunnie by her mother to protect her from danger, Wo bear is capable of reflecting magic and is also capable of throwing heavy objects around as if they were to weigh nothing.

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