Desk Duty

Desk Duty

by Sadsadisme on 30 Aug 2021

Desk Duty is a short animatic for my major project, please enjoy this simple animation!

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Desk Duty

Desk Duty is a short 2D traditionally drawn animatic showcasing an interaction between my original characters, Clark, and Bishop. These characters are co-workers and will be working in their office until the lovable Clark decides to mess with Bishop who seems to be bored at his desk. The title plays on the phrase ‘desk duty’ as I created these characters to be detectives or police officers.


My characters are very much inspired by all the cop/crime shows I've been binging, mainly the original 21 Jump Street show and a few other shows and characters! Here are some mood boards, enjoy!


The storyboard is simple to understand and displays the personalities of the characters Clark and Bishop!

Final Project


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