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Guglielmo Turbian
by guglielmoturbian on 30 Aug 2021

Dry Bowser 3D Fan Art using mainly Zbrush, Maya and Substance Painter. I changed the concept making the Koopa King like a skeleton that lives from ancient times, his bones are in fact covered with calcifications and moss. Motorbike entirely made by Chiara Brembilla: https://www.therookies.co/u/ChiaraBrembilla

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Bowser in a white limbo to show him in a bright ambient interacting in a familiar context: Mario Kart matches with my colleagues were the firestarter for this project.

Motorbike model made entirely by my housemate @_chiara_b11, her profile in bio.

Black limbo.

Confident pose. Koopa shell under the arm. He's ready to conquer the world.

One of the first render ideas that I had when I was planning this project. Dry Bowser awaking in an ancient cave, tending to the light.

Cavern walls and plants picked from Quixel Megascan asset.

Project teaser, a museum showing some Bowser Bones. Plates were blurred to not show properly the kind of creature who the bones belonged to.

A-pose 360° and light variations

Lambert + wireframe, Beauty + wireframe, Lambert, Specular, Beauty, Standard Surface + Displacament

Props I modeled for the various renders, I wanted to give the same Dry aspect to some classic Super Mario Items used in Mario Kart.

Bonus render.

A spooky version of Bowser with a night vision camera, simply used an area light over the camera pointed directly to the subject and then made some post in Photoshop to make the effect look better, main inspiration from Outlast games.

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