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My First 3D Environment
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My First 3D Environment

Richard Huard
by richardh on 29 Aug 2021

Following along with a pretty great course on Udemy called Creating 3D Environments in Blender. Working my way through this course and really enjoying it. Learning lots with working with texteures.

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Update - 7 Sep 2021

Finally finished this 3D model. It was getting heavy on the system but was worth it. Now onto something new.

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Update - 2 Sep 2021

Created some grass strands, added texture and then added it to a particle system and applied that to the ground. A few more details to complete and should be  finished. The challenge is that the particle system is heavy on my machine but I am working around that. Loving learning this stuff because now I know how to apply it to my own projects or at least have an idea of some options.

Update - 29 Aug 2021

In the first part of the course I am learning how to use the node editor and textures. Of course there are some basic modeling with Blender but I mostly knew that part. Looks like this is going to be fun. Next up... grass!