Fabled Adventure
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Fabled Adventure

by jhuynh on 29 Aug 2021

2D Characters' Designs for "Fabled Adventure".

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Update - 29 Aug 2021

Characters' designs for my own animated project called "Fabled Adventure”. The story follows four protagonists and they are part of the adventurous group called "Fables". The protagonists are:

- Yajuu Miya:  The last Lava Lizard Hybrid, a karate fighter and a former Saber gang member.​ She is childish, naïve, loveable, bold, optimistic and energetic.

- Zac Ryder: a Sand Wizard and an archaeologist. Zac is smart, funny, charismatic, witty, cool and cocky.

- Lizzy January: a songster pilot and a failed cloned of an Unitium superhero, World Guard, which she can only fly and doesn't have heat vision nor super strength. She is ferocious, smart, mature, independent, strict, sadistic and has a love for singing.

- Gao Cheng: a Bonsai Tree Hybrid, a physiotherapist and a member of Plantorian Corps.​ Cheng is loyal, extrovert, smart, serious, aggressive and super hygienic.

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