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Midnight Drive

Midnight Drive

by IanFu on 29 Aug 2021

Tesla Model-3 cruising at night

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A "Midnight Drive" is simply a car driving through the city. The animation is seamlessly looped three times in this video.

The first concept was to create a model car and animate it to drive through the night on a highway that loops. the setting was late changed into an urban setting where lights would play a larger role in highlighting the car.

The Tesla Model-3 was chosen to be modelled in Autodesk Maya. Other cars such as a Supra and an R-34 were considered during the preproduction stage. A simple scene was then created in Maya to animate the vehicle. Redshift was considered in which renderer to use but due to accessibility reasons, Arnold renderer was used. Premiere Pro and After Effects were used to composite the rendered sequences and to colour grade and reduce noise to create the final product.

With only 11 weeks to complete this project calls to stop modelling or perfecting the final render had to be made.

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