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Weekly Drills 66: Futuristic Grenade S.T.-4R.

Weekly Drills 66: Futuristic Grenade S.T.-4R.

Mikele Mahchi Saba
by MikeleMahchi on 27 Aug 2021

This is my entry for the Rookies weekly drills 66 about futuristic grenades.

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Be blinded by the new and powerful grenade S.T. - 4R, better known as the star grenade. This grenade is a small reactor that holds a baby star and keeps it compressed and regulated to make it harmless, but with a push of a button it activates a meltdown in the core and goes supernova burning and melting anything in its small and controlled radius.

The grenade was sculpted in Maya, textured in substance painter, and rendered in Arnold inside Maya. I used Quixel mega scans to make a scenery to better show the scale of the grenade.

The first thing I did was look for references and concepts I liked in previous designs, I didn’t know what I wanted to do but I wanted to do something original and crazy. The following images are the ones I ended using for reference or had something I wanted to add to my concept.

I ended up liking the rounder designs and was inspired by some of the ones I found, but I needed something destructive. I had recently seen the movie of “men In black, International” and (the following is a spoiler from the movie) remembered the gun in the movie that used a star as a power source and decided to make that concept into a grenade but giving it a little more edge.

This is the first version of the concept for my grenade, there were some things I liked but some that I definitely wanted to change.

This is the second version, one of the things I wanted to change was the lower decorative panel, which felt flat or too simple to me, so I decided to increase the number of holes and do more detailed hexagons, after a little bit of research and mixing and matching trick I saw on YouTube I came up with the steps I showed on the images before. Some other things I changed were topology of some parts and the rendering format.

When I felt I was happy with the shapes and topology I got started with the texturing and ended with the third and final version of my grenade

I was happy with the look but felt that the design didn’t convey a clear sense of scale so I decided to ground the proportions by adding some scenery to showcase the size of the grenade.

Now the only thing left to change was the lighting and it was done.

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