HAO Design - Architectural Visualization

HAO Design - Architectural Visualization

Gabor Szente
by GaborSzente on 25 Aug 2021


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I used a couple of reference pictures from HAO design on Archdaily.

From the provided floorplan, I modeled the base of the room. Then I started blocking out all the larger furniture and the kitchen area, then slowly added the smaller details and props to make the room alive.

Some of the models were downloaded and modified.

I used an HDRI map from hdrihaven to light up the scene. As soon as I was happy with the natural and artificial lights, I started creating and modifying the textures.

For the color variation, I used a color palette

Before rendering, as always I set up a Lightmix in Corona for the controls over the lights.I rendered everything in CoronaXR to make the lights changes easier on the shots.

Here is the final result! :)

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