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Oliver Kay
by okcodename on 22 Aug 2021

Full spartan kit. Going for the heavily armoured look of the 5th and 6th centuries BCE.

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Spartan Hoplite Panoply.

Full Spartan kit from the 6th/5th century BCE. Began as just the helmet but then decided to make the entire kit. Character model created using the Human Generator addon for Blender. The rest (armour, clothes, and weapons) was modeled by myself. I was aiming to get a historically accurate look rather than something highly stylised.

Corinthian Helmet. 

Wireframe of the low-poly version at the bottom. 

Muscle Cuirass/Pteruges

Possibly the most fiddly thing to model out of the set. Wireframe of the low poly version at the bottom.

Xiphos and Scabbard

Opted for the Xiphos rather than the more machete-like Kopis. I really love the beautiful leaf shape. The challenge was to incorporate the spinal ridge that you see in historical examples. 


The central piece of equipment. Opted not to go for the Lamda shield pattern that is so closely associated with Sparta. Instead decided on the Minotaur, which looks a bit more menacing. 


Simple fitted greaves and vambrace. Wanted to make something realistic and not fantasy. 


The key weapon in the hoplite arsenal. Pretty simple. Once again the challenge was the spinal ridge on the warhead of the dory.

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