Stylized Environment 3D

Stylized Environment 3D

by PabloFuster on 20 Aug 2021

First proyect in unreal, thank for watching, feedback is welcome! Workflow of the assets down. My contact is [email protected]

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-Workflow Assets

-Blue prints and Unreal Materials



The house consists of 4 parts: two made of wood, the walls and the tiles. Total of 12300 polys.

Wooden bridge: There are 3  fill layer, the first the base of the wood and the other two remaining have added a generator, one of them to highlight the details of the wood and the other to add a moss texture.

Tree: Same kind of texture as the bridge

Mailbox: 4 parts

Tiles: Long process where I had to do several bakes because the low and the hight gave me problems since I sculpted tile by tile and it took a long time. There are 4 fill layer, the first the base  and the other 3 remaining have added a generator, two of them to make the worn tiles and the other to highlight them.

These two pieces were created from 0 in zbrush and then by decimation master I got the low and the baked

                                                      Blue prints and Unreal Materials

Waterfall: This material is divide in 7 parts inside unreal base texture, emissive texture value, emissive colors, emisssive distorsion, transparency and meshdist

Blueprint fire

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