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Nozomi Okuhara 3D Double

Nozomi Okuhara 3D Double

Nathan Maes
by nathczz on 6 Aug 2021

Last 3D School Project I made. a 3D double of Badminton Athlete, Nozomi Okuhara

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To conclude my 3D School years I decided to create a CG double of one of my favorite Badminton Athlete, Nozomi Okuhara. I had only few time to realise it from scratch. I worked with Marvelous Designer for the very first time on this project. An interesting software very powerful that I want to improve on it. I made everything based on references without scan.

I wanted to do that project based on this shot of her.

I sculpted her on A-pose so I made a very simple rig to create the final pose then I sculpted back in Zbrush to clean and fix it. 

There is a lot of work and rework on here face to get something quite right. 

I am lucky enough to be a Badminton player myself, so I took my personal rackets as model to get a quite realistic Strings work with the right number and interlocking.

Clothes are based on the real Mizuno shirt and skirt

Hope you like it ! 

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