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El Camino

El Camino

Rafael Rodriguez
by cocomonki on 30 Jul 2021

El Camino - Game Ready Environment ----------------------------------------------------------------- Wild West Environment with a bit of brujeria.

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Wild West Environment with a bit of brujeria

I had a lot of fun pushing myself to learn a ton of new workflows and techniques during the creation of this scene and all of my cabins from a modular kit, the use of vertex painting to get cool variations, and also finding a way to create panning textures/spline tool to simulate dust.

For the scene I looked for a lot of references of the Canyon of Colorado and wild west movies. Also this nights the moon have been very bright and recently there was a lunar eclipse here in NYC so eventually that started to affect my work in a good way, really felt connected with the project, since the sun was such an important character to the scene, the moon can create a nice tweak to the story.


High Poly - Low Poly for some props like the windows and cowboy hats

Mid Poly Trimsheet for some props like the heaters

Mid Poly, Modular Kit and Tile Textures for the rest of the props

I used Marvelous Designer for the laundry cloths, and Cinema 4D for the credits creation. Everything else was created using 3Ds Max, Substance Painter and Megascans. The use of Unreal to create Cloth Physics; and the power of blueprints to create prefabs and mechanics as wind variation and prefabs rotations.

Huge thanks to my class mates of Vertex School, and my mentors Jacob Claussen, John Waynick for their feedback through out this project. Also to thank you my cousin Harold Hernandez for his feedback and to Michal Arendt for the dust tip.

And of course massive thanks to my brother Rey Rodriguez and Shira Lee for making this amazing music for the scene. Always tend to think about soundtrack while making a showcase or a video of a scene and I personally feel very happy and impressed for the work they delivered. Their socials links down here.

Rey Rodriguez (

Shira Lee (

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