Giant Texturing

Giant Texturing

Daniel Rodriguez Cadena
by danielrdzcadena on 29 Jul 2021

This was a 6 weeks project at thinktankt were the assignment was to texture a giant model that was provided by the school.

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For this project I used a model provided by my school in a Zbrush file with the giant posed. The goal was to texture the character following a production pipeline

Before starting to texture the creature I started with the references. For this I decided to be very specific in some aspects in order to have a clear vision on how i wanted the character to look in the end.
First i gathered a lot of references, extracted the color palette from one reference that i wanted to use, and made a quick and lose polypaint test in zbrush to make sure the colors worked the way I wanted.

Then I started setting up the character for Mari texturing by creating utility maps like AO, Curvature, and thickness and exporting them as user channels

After i extracted the utility maps from substance I extracted and processed some other textures in photoshop in order to get more details from the mesh.

Since this texturing proyect is using a udim workflow and different images needed to have the exact same changes to be made, I made some actions and saved them in photoshop so that later on those actions could be batched and made the same to every single image. 

Once i had those maps ready i needed textures to make projections and tileables, so for this i looked for images for texturing and processed them in photohshop in order to be able to use them in Mari projections.

I repeated this process in order to have a small library of textures and masks for this project

For the Texturing process I started with painting the diffuse channel and from those layers and masks later on I sent them into different channels to work the skin colors as specular variations and Masks for lookDev






Once everything I had all my masks and textures done I exported a mask for the darker spots in the back of the character to use it as mask in zbrush so that i could exagerate those marks and have those details showing more in the displacement map

Before and after

After exporting my new displacement details from zbrush I started setting un my materials in a Vray Blend mtl in order to have more control in the different surfaces of the skin.

And after all this process was done this was the end result

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