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Building Digital Humans

Building Digital Humans

Samuel Solla Malheiro
by samuelsolla on 18 Jul 2021

Digital Human Head

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Digital Humans

This is my first project after a rough year.On this one i´ve tried to get a realistic human head,i used a basic head model from Uneral Metahuman Creator,it is a nice start point.To get that realistic skin details i used an Texturing XYZ map,a little bit of sculpted details on Zbrush.For the SSS color i used XYZ as well and very soft color variatons over the base map,i did the same workflow for the Eyes.All the texturing work it´s been realized in Mari,render and Look-Dev inside Maya with Arnold.For the last color adjustments i used Nuke.Throughout this project i have use ACES workflow.

I don´t wanna close this project without first thanking to Michael Wilde and Arvid´s discord channels for the feedback and help.I really enjoyed this,see you on the next project.Cheers.


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