Anthro Animal - Poses and Expressions

Anthro Animal - Poses and Expressions

Marina Huidobro
by MarinaArtwork on 17 Jul 2021

How would an energetic, aggressive and solitary animal translate to a human personality? Character Model Sheet: Poses and Expressions of Anthro Animal Animal: Hare (Jackrabbit and Belgian Hare)

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This Anthro Animal is a Belgian Hare, though he's a mix of a Jackrabbit too (Lepus saxatilis).

I took the characteristics of this breed of Hare to shape it into his personality, these animals are highly energetic and tend to live alone. It was their incredible jumping ability that made me decide to make him a Volleyball player.

He's an aggressive and selfish volleyball player, who struggles a lot at making friends and being nice to people. He's a bit too hyperactive and angry, which makes people, and his own teammates uncomfortable around him. He's gotten into thousands of fights with students in his Highschool and continues to cause trouble around. Although he's such a troublemaker, he's also extremely good at the sport, because of this, his coach and others don't dare to kick him off the team.

But the question is, does he actually like volleyball, or is he on the team because that's the only thing he's good at and it gives him a purpose to stay in school...?

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