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Weekly Drills 062 - #SpiderKingShield

Weekly Drills 062 - #SpiderKingShield

by YogendraAgarwal on 16 Jul 2021

I am not happy at all with final result but spent time on this so I thought I should post it anyway.

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So this one was bad. I cant draw so making a rough sketch was out so I tried following the initial concept and scaled it according to  human size. Plus my weakness right now, textures plus organic too.

So this was my references, didnt help much but helped in the base color

So I started Zbrush this week, learning sculpting right now. So I tried adding details with Zbrush this time for Hi poly then baked in Substance. 


I was thinking of making it like mud plus leaves on a stone. For mud leaves I got that from Substance share and use hay and control the values. For Spider web, I used rope material from substance share again and changed it to white. Stone and wood are all the existing material which I tweaked a little bit. Sign on the leaf is made with the alphas and I wanted it too look like it is made by blood.

This time I only rendered it in Iray.

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