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LOONANIMATION - A Loona 이달의 소녀 Rotoscope Animation

LOONANIMATION - A Loona 이달의 소녀 Rotoscope Animation

María Díez González
by mariadiezg on 16 Jul 2021

Rotoscope animation of LOONA's (a South Korean girlband) evolution from predebut to their recent full-group releases.

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Here's a little something I made last year. This rotoscope animation of my favourite Korean girlband, LOONA, started as a fun personal project that would take up to one month of continuous work ended up becoming an almost 2-year long animation. Let's break it down, shall we?

This 2D rotoscope animation was hand drawn (based on reference footage) in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects using a 2013 Wacom Intuos graphic tablet, and consists of a journey through LOONA's path from predebut to its full group debut, until their latest comeback to the video's release date. In total, there are 11 individual/duo sections, 3 mini-unit sections and 3 full-group shots. It all rounds up to more than 2280 hand drawn frames, starting in February 2019 and finishing in October 2020.

Should I make more? Let me know!

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