Airmax 97

Airmax 97

Louis Bonnaud
by Biped on 23 Jul 2021

At school, we have done a shoe with maya and renderman. But when school ends, I decide to learn blender! at the same time, @whitybeats, a super music producer, contact me because he wanted to work with me, and this is how the project started!

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process breakdown

1// the schoolwork

First, I model the shoe and texture it, with some variant, this is the part that I have done for school

2// pre-production

I find a lot of super studios like panoply, tendril, and I really want to do something like that.

So, I started to do some experimental shots while learning blender

my mains references : the game award, espn, siemen.

3//first montage

After have enough visual ideas and cool pictures, I started a first montage only with evee render for tweak timing and camera movement


When I was happy with the montage, I start to render all the shots with cycle During this step @whitybeats worked with the montage on the music

5//post production

Then with after effect I played with contrast, optic flares and glow for put my shots to the next level

and tadaa !

thank you !

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