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by ChrisjamesCG on 11 Jul 2021

Creature concept illustration I've completed to test out a new workflow I learned and push my sculpting abilities.

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Hi Everyone! First post here. I'd recently taken the end to end creature workshop with Pablo Muñoz Gómez, and wanted to create a more ambitious creature using the processes I learned.  I went from 10 minute sketch to the image above and I'm pretty happy with it. My primary goals making this were to learn to sculpt rocks, work on a dynamic pose and break symmetry early in the process. The end goal was a creature concept still image using zbrush and photoshop. See below for process info.

I did a bunch of quick sketches in krita to come up with the basic idea from a creative brief, chose one and worked on a few iterations to land on the base concept.

I made a quick block-in from the sketch. I decided to break symmetry early on in the process to get a more dynamic pose. I hadn't sculpted many rocks so I spent quite a bit of time refining the secondary forms before proceeding to detailing. I went through a couple rounds of feedback with a friend and changed the proportions after posing him up.

Next up I poly-painted the character. After locking in a camera angle and lighting I created a bunch of render passes in Keyshot. I wanted to add the moss and gold veins in post process so I could experiment with placement and use PBR materials to help sell the detail. I added some decals in photoshop. The background was created in nvidia canvas based on a thumbnail sketch.

Render Passes


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