Digital Matte Painting, Project 1

Digital Matte Painting, Project 1

Joe Lanvin
by AverageJoe on 11 Jul 2021

The 1st project for the module Digital Matte Painting (DMP).

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DMP : Project 1

For Project 1, we were told to pick 3 location and then try to recreate them without tracing or color picking. The purpose of this project is train our perspective and color accuracy. For this project I picked El Yunque National Forest, Komodo Island, and Petra in Jordan

We were told by our lecturer to create 9 sketches of the location in different angles, so I searched more images of the location online and made these 27 sketches. Out of these 27, we were told to pick our best 3 and start coloring them.

The 1st Image I picked is from Petra, Jordan. the shapes of the big rocks are simple, but the further away it is, the harder it is for me to see what the shapes of the rocks were. I also realized that the biggest problem in this is to somehow recreate the texture of the rocks accurately with the simple brush shapes that I was using in Photoshop.

The 2nd image that I picked also comes from Petra, Jordan. The problems that I am having is the same as the previous one, texturing is definitely a problem. I don't know how to recreate the light reflection bouncing off the coarse rock wall.

The 3rd image hits closer to home, because this image was taken in Komodo Island, Indonesia. Looking at this I definitely felt "I still have a long way to go". Some colors could be desaturated, textures could have been a lot better and I should learn to make the image look seamless.

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