SRA BUA by Kiin Kiin: Restaurant Design

SRA BUA by Kiin Kiin: Restaurant Design

Yeong Shun Yee
by shunyee314 on 9 Jul 2021

It is a restaurant project for Thailand fine-dining restaurant, SRA BUA by Kiin Kiin, well known for its fine dining Thai-inspired dishes created and presented with an impressive modern interpretation. This is my first time building three floors building with includes Thai elements to represent the characteristics.

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Fine Dining Restaurant Design for SRA BUA by Kiin Kiin


This project is to design a 10,000 sqft restaurant for SRA BUA by KIIN KIIN at 65 Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, 59100 KL. 


Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin, the renowned modern Thai restaurant, has been awarded a prestigious one stared rating by Michelin – the global hotel and restaurant reference guide.

The restaurant is well known for its fine dining Thai-inspired dishes created and presented with impressive modern interpretation. Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin was conceptualised by world-famous Chef Henrik Yde-Andersen whose Kiin Kiin restaurant in Copenhagen is one of the world’s very few Thai restaurant with a Michelin star rating.


The inspiration of this design comes from the name of the restaurant “SRA BUA” SRA means pond in Thai and BUA means lotus flower in Thai The logo of the restaurant is also inspired by the lotus flower. Therefore, the keywords that extracted from the lotus are UNFOLD, GRADIENT and STRETCH OUTWARDS. Unfold taken from the movement of a lotus flower blooming. Second, gradient extract from the different layers of blooming lotus flower. The lotus petals create different layers from the middle and spread out. Last, the idea of stretch outwards is inspired from the process of a lotus blooming from a bud to a bloom lotus flower.

Ground Floor - The ground floor is mainly a public area. The design of the entrance is high and luxury, it provides a collision between modern and traditional. The short course area uses the most primitive wood and green colour as a collocation to create the most authentic yet luxurious design. The dining hall had divided into two different area to allow diners to have a different dining experience.

First Floor - The first floor is mainly more private space for dining, it provides different types of dining area which includes banquette seating, semi-private room and VIP room. This floor is quiet and it creates a more comfortable ambience for diners.

Second Floor - The second floor is mainly all open spaces for diners to have more interaction. The ceiling of the bar represents the “fruit” of the lotus flower, as the seeds arranged in a circle in fruit. The chandelier and water fountain represent the life circle of lotus flower as the seeds will drop into the soil again after it blooms.

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