MTR Residence

MTR Residence

Christian Frederik Pedersen
by ChristianFrederickPedersen on 8 Jul 2021

Newest (as of this posting) project that I've done, based on the work of Alain Carle.

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MTR Residence - Personal Project

3DS MAX - VRay - Photoshop

This is a personal project that I recently completed, with a total of 9 days of work, based on the MTR Residence by Alain Carle (you can find his work here

The essence of this project for me, was to create a render that showcased the essence of minimalistic architecture and design. Outside of being fond of that style of design, it also allowed me to create a quite simple scene where I could focus on the fewer but more impactful details compared to my previous work.

Being able to focus on fewer details was important for me, as I wanted this project to be more about practicising and showcasing my current skillset, rather than what I usually do, of including new techniques or software to learn during a project. that being said, I did end up learning a new workflow utilising the freeform tools in 3DS Max to make furniture.

All in all, I'm very happy with this project. I've spent a total of 9 days, most of those being used for tweaking details and texturing. Everything was modelled by me.

The textures on the lamp, and walls were my from scratch by me, with the rest being from megascans or, although heavily modified.

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