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Origins game - Sprites and Artwork

Origins game - Sprites and Artwork

Griffin Lee Allen
by GriffinAllen on 28 Jun 2021

Sprites and Artwork from a game called Origins I made for IMS 453 at Miami University of Ohio. Because I developed the game on the Mac version of Gamemaker Studio 2, I was unable to share it on sites like Gamejolt, so this contnent will have to do.

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Content here is sprite work and artwork that was featured in a game I made for IMS 453 (an indie game course) while I was attending Miami University of Ohio. While I would offer up a link to the game, my decision to make it with the Mac version of Gamemaker Studio 2 was a mistake, as I could not get it onto any game-sharing sites like Gamejolt. The content here will have to suffice. The game was called Origins, and while there is only one playable character origin in it, if the game were ever expanded, it would feature multiple different character origins one could play through. The origin story I developed featured a large anthro wolf named Gerald, as he stealthes his way out of a mysterious testing facility. Why is he there? Why are his memories clouded? Who will he meet along the way? How does his origin story end? 

Above are pixels sprites and portraits for the different characters you encounter in Gerald's origin. As this is a story-driven game, the conversations with these characters are important, and offer up a better idea of what's going on in the facility. They also help Gerald escape... most of them, at least. The drones and Kurepei act as the enemies and antagonist of the story. 

These teleporters allow Gerald to move between floors of the facility.

These doors are present in cell blocks, where Gerald runs into some of the other prisoners. The number of locks are just a detail representing the current "stage" that you're at, in a way.

These strange cabinets are found all around, and are big enough for Gerald to hide behind. When hiding, an enemy's line of sight cannot detect him.

These sprites are present in a unique puzzle room, where you press buttons in a certain order to open up the pedestal with the key. At the same time, you have to hide from a patrolling guard in the small room, adding some challenge.

These are extraneous environmental sprites that are found in the environment.

A unique "UI" element for a scripted part of the game toward the end. The bar would lower when passing different triggers.

A medal you would get on the main screen for completing Gerald's origin story.

All of these are still frames from special moments in the game. The first three are moments where significant shifts in the story are happening. The last four appear at the ending of the game, drawing a conclusion to Gerald's origin story. The last still frame depicts Gerald's normal character appearance. The boy in these still frames appears at the ending of the game. He is essentially the main character of this world overall, and he would appear in all of the playable origin stories to tie them all to the same world.

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